Control Services Bootcamp

All Delegates:

General Session

  • Intro Team and event
  • Intro Multi Account Strategy & Control Services: “Control Tower & Service Catalog” 20min
  • Partner Lightning Talks 10 min each max.

Introduce Workstreams, Build Teams

  • Workstream 1 (Beginner, Intermediate) : *A Day as Control tower & Service catalog admin * Participant will get hands on experience with daily tasks and operation around the services
  • Workstream 2 (Intermediate): Control Tower customisation & Services integration Paticipant will focus on Control Tower Landing Zone customization & services integration (e.g. AWS SSO, AWS GuardDuty), and enabling self services via ITSM tools for account creations and resource provisioning
  • Workstream 3 (Advanced) : *Adoption & migration to Control Tower * Participant will explore options for migrating Accounts and workloads under the governance of Control Tower using a variety migration and exploration techniques.

Workstream 1 (L100-L200): A Day as Control tower & Service catalog admin

Workstream 2 (L200-L300): Control Tower Landing Zone Customisation & services integration

Workstream 3 (L300-L400) : Adoption & Migration to Control Tower